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Saphir Systems

DaRo UV Systems Saphir and Saphir+ range of UV water disinfection systems.

The Saphir System is a compact, economical UV system that is designed with the consumer in mind. The Saphir System utilises commonplace single ended low pressure UV lamp technology, thus making the system not only economical for energy running costs, but also for replacement UV lamps. The single ended UV lamp also makes servicing the equipment very simple.

Standard Saphir System

  • Water resistant power control module (IP55)
  • Long life / high reliability UV lamp
  • Maximum 10 bar working pressure
  • Simple to install
  • Lamp on indicator
  • Simple to service
  • Electro-polished chamber
  • Commonplace UV lamps

Options (See Saphir+ below)

  • Lamp / electrical failure indicator
  • UV lamp status indicator


  • All systems comply with international UV dose standards
  • All units are designed to meet standards even at end of lamp life


  • Very low running costs
  • Utilising commonplace UV lamps
  • Designed for ease of installation and maintenance

Saphir+ System

In addition to the DaRo UV Systems Saphir range of UV water disinfection systems, DaRo UV Systems can also offer the Saphir+ System.

The Saphir+ System offers additional telemetry. The Saphir+ has additional lamp status information, an hour counter and a volt free contact facility. These added facilities enable greater control of your Saphir System and therefore making sure that your system is always in good condition helping you to maintain a healthy water supply.

The Saphir+ range has the following features:

  • UV Lamp running indicator
  • UV Lamp status – three-way indicator display showing the status of the system
  • Switch to reset the internal hour counter

Volt free Contact Output for Remote Display of Lamp Indicator

This is for remote monitoring of lamp status, via a plug and socket (which is sealed and capped when not in use. Both capped and plugged configurations are rated to >IP65).

UV Lamp Running Indicator

The control box has a blue “lamp running” indicator on the front panel display, which is on if and only if lamp is running correctly.

System Status Indicators

The system status indicators will tell you how long the system has been running with the current UV lamp i.e. how long before a new replacement UV lamp is required. It will also tell you whether the power is on to the unit, and whether the UV lamp is working or not.

UV Lamp Status Indicator

Lamp status indicator, Remote lamp on indicator via internal volt free contacts. The display gives a hidden indication of the age of the lamp. The “Lamp On” and “Lamp Status” indicators will blink off for a half second period once every minute. The number of blinks show how many year quarters (three months) have passed, before the “Lamp Status” indicator alternates from green to red in the twelfth month.

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