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5 Series

Our 5 Series range of UV systems cover flow rates ranging from approximately 7 to 12 m³/hr.

The 5 Series system is a professional system that is available with a wide range of different specifications to suit your application and budget.

The standard systems are all electro polished and also have lamp on indicators as standard. The chambers are manufactured in our premises in Sudbury in Suffolk. Manufactured from stainless steel, with many different options available, from different size and orientation of inlet and outlets, tri clamp fittings and seamless drawn pipe connections, we are sure our 5 Series range of UV systems will be suitable for your application.

Amongst other features, the standard systems include:

  • IP 65 control cabinet
  • PLC Controller
  • Lamp on/fail notifications
  • Hours run meter


  • UV Intensity monitoring
  • Remote Start/Stop
  • Chamber Over Temp Dump
  • System Healthy
  • Stop Flow Fault Condition
  • Remote UV Level
  • GSM text message System
  • Duty / Standby System control
  • Remote screen
  • LAN connection

Other telemetry options may be available. Please contact us for further information on telemetry options and any general information you require on this range of UV systems.

* DaRo UV Systems are a genuine UK manufacturer for this equipment and will consider any bespoke systems that you require for your application, from bespoke chamber designs to bespoke electronics and telemetry for the UV systems.