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DaRo UV Systems offer a very wide range of standard UV disinfection systems to suit most of our client’s requirements. We understand that sometimes, applications may require bespoke equipment to suit your individual needs. Whether it is a larger or smaller chamber design, custom in/outlet sizes and designs, swept bends, etc, or even custom telemetry and controls, as we are the pure manufacturer of these UV systems we will consider any bespoke systems that you require for your application.

Specialist Solutions

Our systems have a modular design, which enables us to draw up solutions that are specific to our clients’ needs in all areas of ultraviolet disinfection. Depending on the application, special ranges are available that can be easily integrated into existing systems.

The range of work that we do extends from planning and designs through installation to system commissioning. DaRo Products has a very comprehensive range of standard UV systems to suit a majority of client’s requirements, and as we are the manufacturer of the systems, any bespoke designs will be considered.

Although the principle of ultraviolet disinfection can be regarded as quite simple, a great deal of technical and applications experience is needed to ensure that the chosen equipment really will perform as expected.

Given the specifications of your application, we can work out the UV dosage that needs to be applied for your application on bespoke systems. As well as a wealth of experience in design and manufacture of UV disinfection systems (see our about page), we are sure that we can be of service to you whatever your requirements.