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Water Recycling

As a fundamental part of our water recycling and UV water treatment technologies, DaRo UV Systems offer grey water UV solutions for both grey water domestic applications and also grey water commercial application.

Grey water (or greywater as is sometimes referred to), is, in general terms, waste water generated from domestic type activities such as laundering, bathing and showering or dishwashing from which the water may then be recycled for other practical uses. The name grey water is derived from its somewhat cloudy appearance and because it is neither white water (groundwater or potable water) but neither is it polluted, such as sewage (blackwater).

Grey water contains much less nitrogen than blackwater which is one of the most serious and hard-to-remove pollutants affecting potential drinking water supplies. Grey water also contains much fewer pathogens than blackwater and as such will then decompose faster, resulting in the quicker stabilisation and therefore improved prevention of water pollution.

Residential Grey Water UV Systems

Many grey water collection systems will simply collect water from baths, showers and hand washing simply because they exclude more contaminated water which may be obtained from washing machines and dishwashers etc, and simple UV water treatments allow water recycling for areas such as flushing toilets, garden irrigation etc.

Grey water systems installed into new buildings have the potential to meet a large and significant proportion of domestic water requirements, and the overall potential water savings via grey water recycling (or grey water reclamation) are vast. A fully operational and well-maintained grey water system may save one third of the water taken from the mains supply by a domestic property and will contribute toward lower fresh water extraction from rivers and aquifers.

Commercial Grey Water UV Systems

Commercial grey water systems involves the collection of bath and shower water which is then filtered, and UV disinfected and recycled.

Commercial grey water installations will recycle more contaminated water making it suitable for use with larger multi-occupancy and more water reliant areas, such as leisure centres, hotels, caravan sites, apartment buildings, fire stations, schools, laundry water recycling, hospitals, housing estates etc.

DaRo water treatment systems will offer effective UV disinfection of recycled water ensuring safe reuse in specified areas, will require simple annual maintenance, and reduce the requirement for chemicals. It is also ideal pre-treatment for desalination, reverse osmosis and membranes etc.

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