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Water Filtration

One of the most effective methods of water filtration is ultra violet water treatment (UV water treatment). Normally water filtration is used to improve the hygiene and safety levels of water and sometimes simply the aesthetic quality of the water.

The UV filters will generally destroy the vast majority of the bacteria, algae, potential viruses and other micro-organisms in the water, and may be linked to other water treatment systems, if required, in order to remove other pollutants such as chemical infusions, heavy metals, chlorine etc.

Normally the UV water treatment system works by passing water through a chamber which is filled with UV light which, in turn, destroys the cells DNA and completely neutralises it rendering it harmless. The cell is rendered sterile and can no longer reproduce.

UV water filtration treatments are generally considered to be the most cost effective technologies available to homeowners in order to destroy biological contaminants from water supplies – one of UV water filtrations greatest recommendations being that it does not introduce any chemicals into the water, has no taste, and has no bi-products, supports both the plumbing and septic systems, and is easy to maintain as well as cost effective in installation.

Quite often we are asked why don’t we use chlorine instead as most of us have heard of it as an effective water treatment? Simply put, Chlorine affects both the taste and smell of the water; it is an on-going repeated cost and it is known to produce harmful bi-products such as Trihalomethanes.

UV water treatment systems are also very energy efficient using an equivalent of the energy required to run a 60 watt light bulb.

Clearly in order to maintain a fully effective UV water filtration system we discussed earlier the possibility of adding a further system in order to remove other pollutants.

Once such system may be reverse osmosis which can assist if your water treatment requires high quality water with a minimum of chemical manipulation. This system, simply put, is capable of removing dissolved mineral salts, many impurities and organic molecules by forcing water to pass through a membrane. The higher the level of solids found within the water – the higher the pressure is needed to force the water through the membrane.

DaRo UV Systems offer several choices in UV water filtration systems inclusive of the Saphir UV water disinfection system.

When utilising UV water treatment systems, in order to produce high quality water it is very important that sediment in the water does not obstruct the UV light.

The Saphir UV water disinfection system starts with an extensive range of 304 stainless steel chambers, all of which use high efficiency UV lamps only requiring annual replacement.

It would always be our strongest recommendation that a 5-micron sediment pre-filter is fitted prior to the chamber to ensure contamination removal – with a large range of compatible filters in stock we are always pleased to advise when selecting a unit as well as assisting with corrective measures for other water problems.

DaRo UV Systems also offer a standard range of larger units as well as in-house design and manufacturing to manufacture bespoke systems for specific site requirements. Our systems range from domestic applications and from vending machines through to municipal drinking water treatments.

DaRo UV Systems are specialists in UV water treatment systems and have been manufacturing for over 25 years – all systems comply with international UV dose standards, and the technology is approved by health specialists.

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