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Swimming Pool and Display Water

Who wouldn’t prefer the option of bathing in a swimming pool disinfected without chlorine or any other chemical additives; who doesn’t prefer a pond to be clear and free from floating algae, and who wouldn’t want a water feature free from harmful chloramines and bromamines? All things are possible with DaRo UV Systems.

Public swimming pools, private pools and spa’s with UV water treatment

Ultraviolet (UV) water treatment technology is now a recognised and accepted method of swimming pool water treatment, so much so, that it is now fully available in easy to operate systems for small private pools as well as high-load recreation pools, and from hydrotherapy spas to olympic size competition pools.

This growth in popularity has been largely due to UV’s reliability and ease of use. Another major factor is the reduced reliance on traditional chemical treatments it affords, particularly chlorine.

Ultraviolet water treatment photo-oxidizes and destroys combined chlorine and other pollutants, giving major improvements to pool environment and water quality, with significantly lower levels of chlorine. UV light also provides non-chemical disinfection, giving effective primary control over waterborne bacteria, benefiting both public pools and private pools.

Chlorine, bromine, salt electrolysis and ozone systems are considered by many to be harmful cleansing applications which may produce toxic by-products. Water disinfection by exposition to UV is a healthy, green solution which provides clean water without the use of toxic chemicals.

The systems that DaRo UV Systems provide for private pools are particularly suitable for users who are sensitive to the usual swimming pool disinfectants, heavy metals from ionic purifiers or allergic to chlorine. Spa’s may present difficult disinfection problems due to the high bather load and temperature. DaRo UV Systems have manufactured many UV units for spa’s and hot tubs, including large units in football clubs; with a dramatic improvement in water quality.

UV is effective against virtually all known micro organisms, including bacteria, viruses, moulds and their spores. Until quite recently, public pool operators had little choice other than to use chlorine disinfection systems, sometimes together with an ozone oxidation process. The greatest benefit of UV water treatment is that short-wave ultraviolet light has a photo-oxidation effect that destroys chloramines and other toxic by-products of chlorine.

The primary UV disinfection process destroys all bacteria passing through the treatment plant. In particular, and unlike ozone systems, this protects bathers against bacteria in the filter media re-entering the pool.

Additionally, the combination of chlorine, chloramines and ozone in the atmosphere can be very corrosive to equipment and buildings. However, UV water treatment replaces ozone and controls chloramine levels, so building maintenance expenditure is reduced. With these obvious advantages there are no longer any reasons why swimmers and staff should endure an unpleasant pool environment. Reduction rates of up to 90% of combined chlorine can be achieved, at the same time controlling free chlorine levels to less than 1.0ppm. Water quality and atmospheric conditions are considerably improved, operating costs are cut and pool attendance and revenue is increased.

Advantages of UV water treatments for pools, spa’s and hot tubs:

  • Pleasant bathing in a very low chemical environment
  • Dramatically reduced chemical dosing (50% or more) and hence chemical costs
  • Possibility of zero-chlorine bathing, using peroxide disinfectants
  • Unrivalled protection against contamination in filter media
  • Safety-net protection against loss of chemical dosing
  • Instantaneous disinfection at every pass
  • Very low power consumption
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Economical – low purchase and running costs

UV Water treatment for display fountains, ponds and water features

Fountains can be ideal spreaders of micro-organisms such as bacteria or in the worst case – Legionella.

These fountains and water display features often featuring water jets and water sprays are frequently found in public places and are often intend for children to utilize for playing in paddling. They become ideal locations for Cryptosporidium outbreaks and faecal incidents, with the sprays and water mists increasing the likelihood of water ingestion. This risk is increased when the water is re-circulated.

Fountains are often found situated in fairly shallow tubs and ponds which allows the water to quickly heat to temperatures which encourage algae growth and biofilm layers, the ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, which can actually live in the fine spray that fountains produce.

UV is effective against virtually all known micro organisms, including bacteria, viruses, moulds and their spores and DaRo UV Systems can offer effective solutions for all you water treatment requirements.

UV water treatment systems are sometimes employed in water purification systems for tropical freshwater, marine, cool water and pond systems and UV sterilisation can be very effective in reducing free-floating algae, bacteria and other microscopic organisms.

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