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Residential Drinking Water

The Problem

Micro organism effect much of the worlds water supply in one way or another. Fortunately, by the time that we use water from most sources it is treated by a method of disinfection. Water needs to be disinfected in some way before we use it for either drinking, washing or bathing, as micro organisms can be extremely harmful, especially to the elderly, the infirm or the very young. The most effective way to destroy these illness inducing organisms is to use ultraviolet (UV) light.

The Solution: UV Disinfection

The ultraviolet light that is used in our our water treatment systems is a natural component of sunlight that falls just below the visible light region in light spectrum. The wavelength of UV light that we utilise for the use of water disinfection is 253.7nM. For further information on how the UV light actually destroys the bacteria, please see UV general information.

UV Water Disinfection: The Advantages

Ultraviolet water disinfection have many advantages over other methods of water disinfection:

  • UV does not use any harmful chemicals
  • You cannot ‘overdose’ with UV disinfection as you may be able to with chemical disinfection
  • Creates no residual by products in the water
  • Very easy to fit in to a current water supply
  • Inexpensive to purchase
  • Inexpensive to run – A UV water disinfection system will usually use less power than a normal light bulb
  • No effects on the taste, odour or clarity of the water

How the actual UV water disinfection system works

The actual UV water treatment systems work by allowing the water to pass through a reactor chamber that contains a UV lamp. As the water passes through the chamber and past the UV light, the light will kill any bacteria and micro organisms that it comes in to contact with.

Choosing the correct UV system for your needs

DaRo UV Systems has a wide array of UV water disinfection systems, from the original basic uPVC models to the up to the minute stainless steel product designs. These systems can be found on our products page. All of our products meet European UV dose standards and are manufactured by DaRo UV Systems here in the UK.

Where and how to fit your UV water disinfection system

The UV water disinfection system can be conveniently fitted to your current water system, either on the incoming main, or to the outlet of a header tank in your loft.

Looking for bespoke solutions?

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