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Pure Water covers a vast spectrum of subject matter and is used in many different applications and industries from pharmaceuticals and laboratories through to microchip and semiconductor production.

DaRo UV Systems have many years of experience gained from the supply of UV Water treatment systems and as manufacturers and designers are able to offer our clients standard and bespoke UV systems suitable for every application.

Pure Water or Ultra pure water (UPW) is mainly used in the semi conductor and pharmaceutical industry, and because of the growth of miniaturisation in the semi conductor industry, the specifications of pure water become stricter almost on a continuous basis.

Ultra-pure water contains by definition only H20, and H+ and OH- ions in equilibrium. Pure water has a low electrical conductivity, but this increases significantly with the dissolution of a small amount of ionic material such as sodium chloride.

The great advantage of UV light and ozone compared to other techniques lies in the environmentally friendly way both technologies work. No chemical additives are the put into the water and the natural characteristic of the water is also preserved. UV light disinfects without chemicals.

During disinfection with UV light, bacteria, viruses and parasites are inactivated by a photochemical reaction between the UV-C radiation and the genetic information carrier (DNA) of the pathogen within seconds. The pathogen cannot multiply anymore and dies. In addition, UV light is outstandingly suited for destroying residual ozone.

Pharmaceuticals are highly sensitive products and require special conditions of production. The condition of the ultra-pure water required for production plays a central role in this. Keeping the water clean, both micro-biologically and organically, is of crucial importance and DaRo UV Systems and our UV water treatments are well equipped to manage these critical requirements.

DaRo UV Systems extensive UV water treatment range is based on established designs with advanced features, giving proven reliability and efficiency. Potable water, soft drinks, medical, pharmaceutical and process water flows from 1 litre/min. up to 9000 m³/hr can be treated using standard product designs. We also specialise in bespoke systems for any UV water depuration application, designed to accurately meet our customer needs.

Water treatment professionals have used UV water disinfection for over 60 years and the technology is steadily advancing with more novel uses being discovered each year.

UV water disinfection is used for/by/in:

  • Ultra pure water for Electronics & Semiconductor industries and similar Medical & Pharmaceutical industries
  • Quality control measure for Breweries and Soft Drink Manufacturers to prevent spoilage from wild yeast and bacteria
  • Food Manufacturers for process water / Liquid sugars & Aspartine solutions
  • Drinking Water, from small domestic point of use systems to large community schemes
  • Vending Machines, to overcome bacterial growth in drink machines or water chiller storage tanks
  • Wash Water e.g. preliminary vegetable washing for food packers, recycling vehicle washes and irrigation schemes for hotels or golf courses
  • Cooling Water, minimising risk of legionella infections
  • Fish Farming/Aquaculture industry, to protect fish larvae from disease in hatcheries, to disinfect incoming water to the site and effluent from the farms
  • Shellfish Depuration, protecting consumers from food poisoning

DaRo UV Systems offer a very wide range of standard UV disinfection systems to suit most of our client’s requirements. We understand that sometimes, applications may require bespoke equipment to suit your individual needs. Whether it is a larger or smaller chamber design, custom in/outlet sizes and designs, swept bends, etc, or even custom telemetry and controls, as we are the pure manufacturer of these UV systems we will consider any bespoke systems that you require for your application.

Looking for bespoke solutions?

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