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Industrial and Commercial

DaRo UV Systems have extensive experience and expertise in providing effective UV water treatments and UV disinfection solutions within the industrial and commercial sectors.

Ultraviolet disinfection has many applications in the industrial / commercial sectors. Some of these applications include:

Bottled Water

Even boreholes that are used for the best bottled drinking water can contain containments. Utilising DaRo UV Systems will disinfect this water, but will not alter the taste, minerals, or general chemistry of the water.

Brewing Industry

UV disinfection has been used for many years within the brewing industry. The water for the brewing industry is put through the UV system to disinfect any of the water that goes in to making the product without altering the taste, minerals, or general chemistry of the water. DaRo UV Systems are also used in many clean in place (CIP) systems.

Make Up Water

DaRo UV Systems are used for point of use make up water for many different applications and products. DaRo UV Systems equipment can be used in recirculation loops or as single pass systems. The telemetry on the systems can be fully automated, which can be a big advantage when water is required; either in batches or intermittently.

Storage Tanks

Stored water is also a common problem. DaRo UV Systems ultra violet disinfection systems can be utilised to disinfect water on the inlet or outlet of the tanks, as a recirculation system or even to treat the air in the head space the water storage tanks.

Air Conditioning

Bacteriological problems are common in air conditioning systems. UV light systems can be utilised to treat the water condensate that is used in air conditioning systems.

Cooling and Heating

Leigonella is one of the major risks in heating and cooling systems. Evaporated spray water posed a significant risk to public health as has been highlighted by incidents that have been in the media in recent years. UV is a recognised non chemical solution to this problem.

General Washing/Cleaning

Whether it is used for cleaning and washing down any equipment, or washing product, disinfection via ultraviolet light is able to ensure that your water supply is free from biological contamination. UV is a recognised non chemical solution.

Industrial Effluent

Industrial effluent can come in many different forms from simple wash water to used water. UV disinfection can be used to either recycle water for an number of different uses or to ensure that the effluent is treated to a high enough standard to be able to dump the effluent to drain, streams or offshore.

General Process Water

General industrial process are able to utilise DaRo UV Systems ultraviolet disinfection systems in many applications including most of the applications above, as well as other such as dehumidification, heat exchangers, product rinse water.

If you have an application that is not on our website that you think may be able to benefit from UV disinfection, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our sales team will be able to advise as to whether a UV system is suited to your application and if so we can advise as to which system would be suit your application best.

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