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Effluent Disinfection

Under the heading of UV water treatment, DaRo UV Systems would include effluent disinfection, an area in which DaRo have vast experience. Outlined below is a comprehensive précis of the reasons for needing effluent disinfection systems, the benefits of UV water treatments specifically for effluent disinfection, and the solutions and equipment provided by DaRo UV Systems.

Effluent Disinfection


Proven on large municipal schemes, and preferred by environmentalists, safe, non chemical UV disinfection has brought major benefits to rivers and coastal discharges. UV disinfection works through the action of germicidal light which attacks the genetic structure of a micro-organism, achieving a virtually instantaneous destruction of pathogens without the need of a residence tank. Conventionally, UV lamps are mounted in UV transmitting quartz glass sleeves, which provide an electrical safety barrier between the lamp and effluent. These are immersed in the full flow of the effluent discharge, following the pre-treatment stage.

So what is the problem? During use, the quartz sleeves become fouled and must be cleaned. Excess heat generated by the lamps bakes this deposit and determines the demand for more frequent cleaning. Historically, cleaning relied on either manual removal of the unit, and the use of acid baths or, by ineffective mechanical systems which still need periodic acid polishing to prevent long-term, cumulative build up. The use of aggressive chemicals to clean the lamp sleeves is undesirable, particularly on domestic or remote/unmanned sites with the added complication of chemical transportation and storage. The regular removal of the lamp assembly also increases the possible risk of damage to the lamp assembly.

So what’s the Solution? The ideal effluent disinfection solution is to provide a reliable cleaning method in situ, without having to remove the lamp modules, and better still, one that is fully automatic. DaRo UV Systems has such a system, simple to install and so reliable in operation that it is perfectly suited to domestic or unmanned schemes.

Effective Self-Cleaning System

The EFF range from DaRo UV Systems features an automatic wiping system developed specifically for use in heavily contaminated fluid streams. Using an effective two stage cleaning system long term tests have proven the module does not require acid polishing or other backup cleaning. The UV lamp module is also compact and can be handled by one person when required. It locates in a “chamber” compatible with proprietary soil pipe fittings. Other pipe work formats are available allowing the unit to be installed in: pumped, gravity fed, RBC (digester units), BAFF units or retrofit configurations.

The mechanical action of actual wiping any containment’s from the UV sleeves is a proven method of removing any solids, as has been proven in many multi-million pound municipal installations throughout the world. In tests that we have carried out we have found that effluent solids will stick to any surface including glass and Teflon, therefore a mechanical wiping system is considered to be by far the best choice.

Configurations and Flexibility

Effluent disinfection systems can be configured in a variety of formats for new sites, retrofit or OEM markets. Larger multiple lamp arrays may also be custom designed for built in or skid packages. DaRo UV Systems effluent treatment units suit flow rates ranging from 1 to 5m³/hr upwards. This is achieved by using one of two standard lamp modules which can be expanded either by increased lamp power or the addition of extra lamp modules. Larger systems may be configured from a ten lamp 10m³/hr standard module in single or multiple arrays, or to customer specification in larger bespoke formats.

Simple to Install

Careful thought has been given to the design of the DaRo UV Systems range in order to simplify installation and minimise on-site construction work. The units are located adjacent to the upstream effluent plant, by the use of simple building methods. Large structures to house the UV units are not required.


Standard units can be upgraded if site parameters change, without additional site-works. With this potential to upgrade treatment capacity, site operators can have greater confidence when choosing a system that it will cope with future growth in treatment demand. Further details are available upon request.

Minimal Servicing

Careful thought has been given to the problems of UV water treatment (effluent disinfection treatment) system operators. With our reliable cleaning system the only maintenance required will be periodic inspection of the cleaning components, an annual UV lamp change and possible wiper blade replacement, all our packages are based on common serviceable components. The units are easily removed for servicing by a single operator, and can be serviced on site or in the workshop without major shut-down or inconvenience.

Enclosed Higher Pressure Systems

DaRo UV Systems also have the capability of producing enclosed UV systems for effluent that is being pumped under pressure. These systems also have the DaRo UV Systems mechanical wiping system.

Bespoke Manufacturing

Please note that all DaRo UV Systems’ products are manufactured here at our factory, therefore, if you require any bespoke systems, different in/outlets, larger flow systems, added telemetry for example, please contact us as we will be able to do this for you when the system is manufactured.

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