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UV Water treatment may be viewed in many different ways, has many different uses, and may be called by several different names.

Wikipedia in general terms describes Ultraviolet Disinfection of water as:-

“UV water treatments consist of a purely physical, chemical-free process. It attacks the vital DNA of the bacteria directly and initiates a photochemical reaction that destroys the genetic information contained in the DNA. The bacteria lose their reproductive capability and are destroyed. Even parasites such as Cryptosporidia or Giardia, which are extremely resistant to chemical disinfectants, are efficiently reduced.”

One such use of UV water treatment by DaRo UV Systems can be applied to aquaculture. (The farming of aquatic organisms such as fish, shellfish and even plants), as outline below.

Fish Disease Information


General Introduction

Fish farms are an artificial and stressful environment for the fish stocks. A high fish population as well as the necessary nutrition will convert the fish tanks into fertile breeding grounds for micro-organisms and fish can become vulnerable to all kinds of diseases when placed in this environment. The reasons for using ultraviolet disinfection equipment as the ideal treatment method for water in fish farms are listed below.

  • To free incoming water from pathogenic micro-organisms
  • To maintain an acceptable environment by preventing a build up of micro-organisms in recirculating systems
  • To ensure that the discharge water from the tanks does not infect other fish farms

Intake Water

The use of sea water as make-up water in smolt farms presents the risk of introducing Vibrio anguillarum, which has caused great problems for fish farmers particularly in fisheries and smolt farms. Ultraviolet water disinfection equipment can prevent outbreaks of Vibriosis and many other water-borne diseases.

Re-circulating Water

Where re-circulation of water is utilised the use of ultraviolet water disinfection is most important. It will prevent the accumulation of bacteria and viruses, thus creating a stable environment.

Waste Water

The effluent discharge from fisheries and smolt farms will contain higher levels of particulate matter, chemicals and micro-organisms. To prevent pollution of this nature ultraviolet water disinfection can be used in conjunction with other pre-treatment equipment to improve the quality of the effluent. The main reason for disinfecting waste water from fish farm tanks is to prevent any kind of infection from spreading via the receiving waters.

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